1. The best

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  2. lukegriff96 said: your beautiful Em, i aint going to mean anything to you just ignore me like everyone else does i you wish but i just want you to know that i think your gorgeous, you seem so nice just ignore the people who give you shit :)



  3. Anonymous said: why wont you give me a chance? and get to know me i just need a good friend to talk too :/

    just got this:) mail me or something i really dont know who this is x


  4. myworldisfallingaroundme said: messing. but why do you have to be a nob emily.

    b nice rick k 


  5. myworldisfallingaroundme said: i will never not think of you.



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    grown ass man and he saying “why they picking on me”

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    Pick the whole thing up — free on OF’s website.



  10. The Jet Age Of Tomorrow – The Jellyfish Mentality (Bonus EP)


    The Jet Age Of Tomorrow have decided to share a bonus four-track EP of The Jellyfish Mentality with us. Download here.

    The Jellyfish Mentality (Bonus EP) Tracklist:

    1. De-Generic
    2. Sherm Scissors
    3. Bloo Moon (featuring Pyramid Vritra)
    4. Delta (featuring Pyramid Vritra)

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    Kid Cudi ft Kendrick Lamar - Solo Dolo Pt II



  13. Anonymous said: Why did you have to be such a fucking idiot.

    What ?!


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